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Singing Lessons  Based in Salisbury and will travel within the Wiltshire & Hampshire Area.


With over 15 years of experience as a working singer, I can offer advice to those who already sing and to those just starting out.  I can help you find "your voice", the base upon which many techniques can be taught and then mastered.


Things you need to be sure of before booking a lesson with me:


You are responsible for the speed at which you start to feel and hear results.  Practice between lessons is on par for importance as the initial lesson  (Without practice you will not improve or develop new skills).


You understand that learning to sing requires a certain amount of physical contact from a teacher at times in order to explain how your body and muscles make it possible for you to sing.


You are willing to try singing to music of many genres.  This will not only help your voice to develop but also open doors to abilities you may have thought were out of reach.


All you really need to sing well is a proclivity for singing and the courage to do it from the heart.


Above all....enjoy singing.  A person can know all the great techniques but if they don't enjoy the feeling singing gives to them it can be heard too.


I recommend that you book a 30 minute consultation/lesson with me to begin with so we can establish what it is you want to achieve from your lessons.  After that is up to you.  One 1 hour lesson per week is usually very productive for most as it leaves enough time to practice techniques learned in the lesson but not too much time to forget.


1 hour - £25


Any more than an hour is not productive though practicing the advice you've been given in your lesson is very important!  If you are already a singer performing regularly and are having lessons to overcome some obstacles then you will probably be unlearning bad habits.  Unlearning is often more challenging so consider this every time you perform;  Will you revert to your old habits just to get you through the performance?

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