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Jordan Yeatman
BA hons (Professional Musician)

"I've been having singing lessons with Rachel over a couple of years.  When we started the lessons I was already an accomplished guitarist but felt I wanted to try out singing on my own compositions.  Rachel listened to my voice and helped me to become the able singer I am now.  Two years ago I could barely pitch a note vocally and now I can not only pitch really well but actually SING songs.  There's no stopping me now"

Gerry Marsden
MBE (Gerry & The Pacemakers)

"Rachel is a wonderful artist, great singer, a delight to work with, my fans love her!"

Paul Luther
Producer, the Jingle Works Studios, Sarasota, Florida, USA.

"We recorded 10 new songs over 5 days with Rachel, and she was astonishing. Not only does she have a wonderful voice and can really interpret lyrics and melody, but  she also moved smoothly through several genres. She was able to quickly and professionally adapt to diverse styles from rock to techno pop to jazz to ballads, not to mention what might be described as a "show tune" and also a little country as well.  We were on a tight deadline and she really dug in with us to get the project finished. Eager, easy to work with, took direction but also added many great ideas herself"

Robert Pratt

Manager to Gerry & The Pacemakers, Don Williams and Jack Jones

"Rachel is a delightful lady to deal with, very professional in every way"

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